Occupy Madison

Driving near Madison, Wisc., on December 23, I quickly looked up what was going on with Occupy Madison. They were mentioned as one of the groups that had been given a long-term camping permit. Unlike Cleveland and Boston, where Occupiers were evicted, the city of Madison is working with organizers to ensure a safe, sanitary and legal encampment.

With about 30 minutes to spare on my trip, I found the address and dropped in to especially see and hear how members of Occupy Madison were preparing for the onset of winter. It was 25 degrees Fahrenheit with gusting winds when I arrived and the weather only going to get worse…

Ethan Robinson, a long-term Occupy Madison resident, outside the encampment with the Wisconsin State Capitol building in the background.

Ethan Robinson and Brittany “Jade” Below sort donated food in the commissary tent at Occupy Madison. Hot coffee and fresh food is also available to occupiers and visitors.

Two recent additions to the Occupy Madison encampment (names not given) use their metalwork skills to fashion a casing that will more efficiently supply heat to tents.

Explaining the duct work that will move heat from an external burn barrel into tents via fan. This occupier said he had used this type of tent heating in the U.S. Army.

The Occupy Madison encampment contains around 20 individual tents – including this “residence”, a large heated tent and a commissary tent. Occupiers are adding metal plating to the heated tent’s duct work for added insulation.