High ISO Craziness!

As my Cleveland Zoo shots show, there is no problem shooting the Canon 1d Mark IV at iso 3200. At 100% zoom, these shots would easily be used as a full-page magazine spread.

So what happens after iso 3200 with this camera? Well, I used the same lens (Canon 70-200/2.8L II IS) and made some rather boring images of my dog Arthur at iso 6400, 12,800, 25,600, 51,200 and 102,400. Here’s the kicker – lighting was one 60W CFL, about 5 feet off the left of the frame.

Through iso 25,600 there is NO color correction, extra sharpening or noise reduction. Luminance noise reduction in Lightroom of 25 and 50 were made to the 51,200 and 102,400 images respectively, along with minimal color adjustments.

All that said, I’d gladly use full-size images through iso 25,600 within my normal Lightroom workflow. With reservations, the iso 51,200 shot is publishable without too much manipulation. At iso 102,400, I’d probably not use it straight out of the camera. Though, running it through Nik Dfine, I believe the 102,400 image (and the 51,200 one for good measure) would produce a publishable image in a pinch.

So here they are. Click through to see larger sizes…

(200mm, f2.8, iso 6400, 1/100 sec)

(182mm, f2.8, iso 12,800, 1/200 sec)

(182mm, f2.8, iso 25,600, 1/320 sec)

(182mm, f2.8, iso 51,200, 1/800 sec) — The first hint of losing color detail. Not much though…

(175mm, f2.8, iso 102,400, 1/1600 sec)