A Prayer for the New Year

Shot some of the segments of this video (0:23, 0:41, 1:15, 1:37 and 1:48) for Living the Questions, using the Canon EOS 1d Mark IV and 24mm lens. Scott Griessel of Creatista directed and edited. As always, a pleasure creating with him.

Benedicere (“to bless, to praise”) is a video project based on a prayer by Ken Sehested, author of “In the Land of the Living: Prayers Personal and Public.”

(BTW: You can see Scott turning cards starting at 1:52 a la Bob Dylan in the May 8, 1964, “Subterranean Homesick Blues” video.)

“A Prayer for the New Year (2012)” from Living the Questions from Living the Questions on Vimeo.