Jordan Press Tour 2012

photocrati galleryThrough membership in the Associated Church Press I was invited by the Jordan Tourism Board to visit the country of Jordan with other religious journalists. Our packed Sept. 19-29 agenda included visits to many religious and historic sites, city and country, cultural centers, justice projects, a few tourist stops, resorts, hotels and restaurants, and important discussions with Jordanian religious and civic leaders.

As a disclaimer, this trip was sponsored by the Jordan Tourism Board and each participant was asked to use the opportunity to highlight Jordan in their journalistic endeavors. To that end, I offer here some of the visual highlights I found during the trip. There are hundreds of photos that will likely appear in other outlets, but these are some of my favorites.

(Update Jan 23, 2013: I’ve been contracted by Sojourners magazine to write a story on how Jordan has integrated Palestinian refugees, Christian and Muslim, into the life of the country – including their role in government. As an aside, the article will also touch on how the influx of new Syrian refugees is likely to be accommodated in the years to come. The article will apear in the summer of 2013.)