‘A Holy Land Without Christians’ – Sojourners

Here’s a link to the article I wrote for the US-based Christian justice magazine, Sojourners.


One of the comments (from and employee of a Jewish watchdog organization) criticized my approach to the research, saying there are more Christians in Israel now than before the 1967 war. Well, technically that may be true – the article even says so. But I focused on the rapid decline in the percentage of Christians compared to Jewish and Muslim increases. For me, it begs the question of how these Christian communities will maintain their historic continuity.

I also highlighted Jordan’s efforts to ensure a religiously plural government by specifically promoting Christian and Palestinian refugees into their parliament. Of course, the issue is very complex. But it is a hopeful sign that some are recognizing the strength in diversity in government, especially as religious division and difference seem to be flash points for conflict in so many parts of the world.