Look In: Lent

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Look In: Lent

Look In: Lent is envisioned as the practice of collaboratively exploring creativity during the 40 days of Lent.

Each day of Lent the Twitter hash tag #lookinlent and the theme page will be updated with the daily scripture readings and a theme word or phrase.

The project goal is to post your work of reflection and creativity related to the day’s theme to your blog, Facebook, Twitter or other social media, and tweet a link to your creation. As a warmup, the theme for Mardis Gras / Fat Tuesday / Shrove Tuesday is “party”, so an example tweet might be: “My #lookinlent poem for Mardis Gras on #party – http://myblog.com/mardis-gras-party”

All artistic endeavors are encouraged – writing, poetry, song, photography, painting, drawing, knitting, dance, etc. If creating something every day isn’t your thing, feel free to provide a link to or sample of something you created in the past. If you are inspired by someone else’s art, it’s OK to post it too (and remember to give them credit…)

Themes for each day will be released a day in advance. Daily scripture references are listed at the bottom of the project page. Feel free to suggest a daily theme or other recommendations by sending a tweet or leaving a comment here or on the project page.

Thanks for joining in this journey of creativity, inspection, practice and patience.

Peace and creativity,

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