Wounded Souls – Article in Sojourners

Here’s a link to my most recent article published in Sojourners Magazine:

Wounded Souls – Christians have a presumption against war—as well as an obligation to help heal those who suffer its consequences.

I’m thankful for the veterans, psychologists, and researchers who contributed their stories and time to this article. For some the process was difficult, and while they wanted their experiences related, they didn’t want to be named or mentioned.

My takeaway from these interviews was that the church can be a place that receives and welcomes and provides a healing place for combat veterans suffering moral injury and PTSD. But a church who offers that welcome has to be prepared for a patient process as veterans work through the “demons” of what they had to do in the line of duty.

2 comments on “Wounded Souls – Article in Sojourners
  1. Frank H. Young says:

    I read your article in the Sojourners magazine. Who can you hookup with to start a program that can train you to help veterans work through some of their issues. I’m a minister that would like to offer that kind of healing ministry?

    • greggb says:

      Hi Frank – I’ll pass your contact information along to the two chaplain sources that are cited in the article. You may also try contacting the VA in your area and see what, if any, programming they are running.