Jordan Press Tour 2012

photocrati galleryThrough membership in the Associated Church Press I was invited by the Jordan Tourism Board to visit the country of Jordan with other religious journalists. Our packed Sept. 19-29 agenda included visits to many religious and historic sites, city and country, cultural centers, justice projects, a few tourist stops, resorts, hotels and restaurants, and important discussions with Jordanian religious and civic leaders.

As a disclaimer, this trip was sponsored by the Jordan Tourism Board and each participant was asked to use the opportunity to highlight Jordan in their journalistic endeavors. To that end, I offer here some of the visual highlights I found during the trip. There are hundreds of photos that will likely appear in other outlets, but these are some of my favorites.

(Update Jan 23, 2013: I’ve been contracted by Sojourners magazine to write a story on how Jordan has integrated Palestinian refugees, Christian and Muslim, into the life of the country – including their role in government. As an aside, the article will also touch on how the influx of new Syrian refugees is likely to be¬†accommodated¬†in the years to come. The article will apear in the summer of 2013.)

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